Quality / HSE


To a greater or lesser extent all organizations must think Quality and HSE - let us help!


Quality can only be delivered when the efforts are unflustered (free of worry or stress). This is why Quality goes hand in hand with HSE!
Quality & HSE are complementary. If HSE is not in place, quality can't be achieved and quality eventually sets up a directive for HSE. Our quality engineers ensure that all supplementary functions of quality (HSE being the most critical one) are handled well.

Our qualities

Cost effective

Our job is to assist your organizastion to reach your quality goals - to increase the quality to reduce costs. All our deliveries are done on time - to the agreed price


All organizations work in different ways - and we always have the greatest respect for our assignment. This includes customization which adapts to the organization - not that the organization should adapt to us

Transfer of knowledge

We consider transfer of knowledge as one of our most important tasks. Quality work is for the organization as a whole - which implies that it is elementary that we as your supplier transfer our knowledge to the organization